We started it off with a pint of beer and loud talks about traveling and other small life’s pleasures. Three or four meetings (beers) later, the wedding day arrived. Being in touch during the time in between, it seemed like photographing friend’s wedding day.

The weather played with us, and on moments seemed like the storm might ruin it all, having in mind the wedding was taking place outside, on the ranch. After the vows exchanged, we jumped into this cute little Volkswagen Beetle and headed over to venue, while bus was waiting for guests to take them all to this green oasis. The time passed quickly.
First dance moment arrived. They held each other while Aretha Franklin was singing their song, and in second it brought some old black & white movie scenes I kept in memory since childhood. I was there to capture all that beauty.

I’m gonna stop right there and let you enjoy the story through photographs.